Educational Activities  

In a country like India, from ancient times, education and culture are considered as synonyms of each other. Culture is considered as a sign of maturity of education.

Nowadays culture, character and spirituality are becoming extinct in modern education system. Under these circumstances, in gurukul at Swaminarayan Dham campus at gandhinagar, students are taught lessons of ideal life and culture along with the foundation of their bright carrier. With spiritual advancement, ideal character is also built. Therefore they appear in examinations without any supervisor in the classroom. Yet nobody ever thinks of copying.

In the Swaminarayan Dham campus, Swaminarayan Dham International School is also running which is affiliated to the Cambridge University imparting high level of education to the children.

In order that the students can get higher education in the spiritual atmosphere from KG to PG level, ultra modern Swaminarayan Dham Institute of Technology and Management has been established where graduate and post graduate level courses are planned.

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