Social Activities  

Apart from cultural and spiritual activities, SMVS is also engaged in various social activities.

Millions of children, teenagers, youths and adult men and women are entangled in addiction and are being ruined in almost all the countries in the world. The demon of addiction assumed many forms to devour people. They become victims of intoxicating things such as heroin, cocaine, hemp, opium, alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc. and ruin themselves and their family economically, emotionally and physically. Hence SMVS has started campaign of de-addiction to save millions from being ruined.

The youth is engaged in service of cleaning hospitals during cleanliness campaign. As also for the physical and other comfort of the patients, children, teenagers, youth and women are also engaged.

On 26th January 2001 at 08:45 am, a devastating earthquake paralyzed the life of people of Gujarat. Thousands lost their lives, millions of them rendered homeless. Within a moment many became handicapped, many became limbless; millions of them were shivering out of fear like anything.

In this time of devastating earthquake H.D.H. Bapji and H.H. Swamishri along with other saints reached Kutch and instructed saints and devotees to take care of those rendered homeless and thus showed concern for them.

Imilarly during floods volunteers of SMVS are always ready to help out to people who are entrapped in floods. During famine fodders are provided to the animals, sympathy and love are exhibited towards the innocent souls.

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