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Today the world is facing burning problems like terrorism, burglary, deceit, fraud, conspiracy, murders, rape, corruption, addiction etc. The permanent solution of all these problems is bestowing proper culture to a child and also his character building by saints from his very childhood who is the root of the society. "We can bend the tender plant as we like", likewise we can shape the character of a child at his tender age. So our organization has established BAAL SABHA (Assembly for children in the age group of 7 to 14 years). In these baal sabhas various activities such as prayer, dialogues, discourses, inspirational dramas and cultural programs are performed to inculcate culture and build their character.

Just like sculptor removes worthless portion of the stone and shapes out statue from it, similarly SMVS brings out the divinity, potentials and talent of the teenager (Age group of 15 to 30 yours) through Kishor sabha (Assembly) and various kinds of workshops for teenagers known as Kishor shibir (Camps).

Kishor sabhas perform various activities for the uplift of the society. Kishor sabha, Kishor shibir, tours and picnics, various campaigns, group pooja, dialogues, discourses and inspirational dramas and such other activity build the character of the teenagers.

When the level of moral standard and honesty are declining in the society, H.D.H. Bapji has established yuvak sabha (Age group of above 30 years) to preserve moral standards, to inculcate high level of morality, code of conduct of religion, doctrine, divine life in the youth.

Owing to commune of saints through yuvak sabha the doctrines are being nurtured in the youth. Youth are engaged in various activities such as cultural, atmiya campaign, divine workshops, dialogues, inspirational dramas, discourses etc.

It is said that one mother is equal to hundred teachers, looking to this, women also have significant place in Swaminarayan sect. In this gender, girls, teenagers, women are also engaged in similar cultural & spiritual activities.

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