To lead everyone on the path of spirituality, lord Swaminarayan firstly commanded everyone to live a pious and divine life with high moral standards.

And these commandments of Lord Swaminarayan were spread in the society by the greatness and holiness of his saints.

This saints who are full of compassion while travelling length and breadth of the society nurture the high ideals, virtues and doctrines which cannot be acquired even by studying for various degrees in a university.

Among such holy saints was the spiritual heir to lord Swaminarayan, Sadguru Gopalanand swami, who was the nearest and the dearest saint of lord Swaminarayan.

Sadguru Nirgundasji swami preserved the spiritual heritage of Sadguru Gopalanand swami. Thereafter Sadguru Ishwarcharandasji swami, Sadguru Vrundavandasji swami, Sadguru Muni swami Keshavpriyadasji became the inheritor of this spiritual heritage.

At present if there is some radical charismatic personality, who is spreading the supreme spiritual doctrine, principles of faithful and divine life, high ideals of culture of such a holy and great grand tradition to millions of people in the society, then he is H.D.H. Devnandasji swami popularly known as H.D.H. Bapji.

H.D.H. Bapji is the founder of SMVS and is also the source of inspiration, adored by millions and is also bestower of salvation to millions.

He has built many temples throughout India for the ultimate salvation of human being. Just as hospitals are meant for curing corporeal diseases, the temples are hospitals where diseases of souls are cured.

Temple is the place where man gets relief from physical and mental agony, external woes; temple is the place to reach god; temple is the place to make the mind still and get the peace. Such temples are the place where we can get liberated from lust, anger, greed, pride, jealousy etc.

Just as in a reputed hospital doctors are very experienced similarly in the hospital of souls i.e. temples, H.H. Satyasankalpdasji swami and reverend saints who are having unvarying closeness to accompany of god are trained as experienced doctors by the commune of H.D.H. Bapji.

Such saints are performing very well the fundamental work of building character which doctors, engineers and advocates can't do.

Saint means one who builds character
Saint means one who shapes the life
Saint means one who moulds human being

Character is the foundation of life and only saints can mould it. In this country or abroad, it is only saints who build the character.

The sterling qualities of saints of Swaminarayan sect are that they completely forsake woman and money and they observe celibacy. These saints are constantly aware of their spiritual vows of observing non-lust, non-greed, humbleness, and detachment and non-gourmandize (non-taste). Also they are benevolent. They have contributed immensely in molding character of the society.

Life of such saints who keep the said five vows and who have good moral characters are shaped by the commune of H.D.H. Bapji and H.H. Swamishri which results into inimitable renaissance in the society.

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